Speaking as someone who wants to continue to rush around with my headset on AND be more mindful, I have invented a new verb.

I urge you to stop reading now if you are in any way queasy about change, as this one is very ingenious, and there are certain things that will never look or sound the same to you again once it gets under your skin.

You still with me?  Right, here it comes: TO MINDFUL.

It means, ‘To be careful not to miss the limited profundity/wisdom/natural beauty opportunity that’s under your nose right now, but won’t be for much longer,’ which can be shortened to, ‘Timebound profundity alert!’  Or, ‘Passing wisdom window!’   Or, ‘Ephemeral natural beauty moment.’  You get the picture…

Start by using it to replace the verb, ‘to mind,’ as in, ‘to watch out for.’  For example, imagine how much more fulfilling it would be every time you got off the underground train, if the announcer said, ‘Mindful the gap!’

Or, how different an experience it would be for your tall friend as they go down the stairs of your basement to hear you say, ‘Mindful your head!’

Next, as you sense your growing familiarity and appreciation of this new approach to gaining mindfulness, you should try using your new verb to replace, ‘to mind,’ as in, ‘to dislike.’

So, for example, instead of saying, ‘I mind the way that you slurp your soup,’ to your messy eating co-worker, try, ‘I mindful your slurping.’  See, how that softens the blow and opens up new avenues of insight for both of you?  One might even go as far as to say that you can already feel yourself finding something to love in the sound and motion of the soup borne lip-wards as tiny particles on the air of each intense inhale.

Now, for the doorway into mastery: commence the frequent exchange of other verbs with, ‘to mindful.’ For example, ‘Could you just mindful me that market share data, please?’

And, when you are fully accomplished, you can replace both, ‘to mind,’ and other verbs in the same sentence with your new toy – if this isn’t enough to transport you into a heightened state of awareness, I don’t know what is: ‘Would you mindful mindfulling me a sandwich when you mindful past the bakery at lunchtime, please?’

You think I’m joking?  Well, more like having fun writing this, but there is some merit in the suggestion – try it for yourself and see!

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