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“24% share growth within a strategic channel, worth c.£80 million incremental revenue”

Peter Boucher, Commercial Marketing Director, Vodafone Enterprise UK


“15% revenue growth in a flat market over the next five years largely depends on this work”

Jeremy Ellis, Marketing and Digital Director, TUI UK & Ireland


“5% of our local, tax function revenues now derive from collaborative, cross-departmental products and services that did not exist two years ago”

Peter Uebelhart, Managing Partner, KPMG Tax Switzerland


“My revenue had been flat for three years. With the help of this process, I doubled it in six months”

John Allard, Founder and Managing Director, The Video News Factory


“Doubled our student numbers in six months and successfully changed leadership at the same time. We’ve never grown by more than 10% a year before this.”

Ayser Al-Jawad, Chairwoman of the Milton Keyes, Middle East Cultural Group


“Number of graduates leaving with a purposeful destination increased 94%-99%, 2013-14. Number of local businesses with either ‘strong’ or ‘significant’ ties to the college doubled, 2013-2015. And, as for the all-important OFSTED Grade 2 score (having been stuck at Grade 3 for years)…watch this space in 2015!” 

Jane Horridge, Director of Business Engagement, Marketing and Communications, Milton Keynes College


“We have managed to survive with one customer for the last seven years, which has obviously been stressful for me and all the staff. Less than two months into the Glorious Day programme, our new attitude and simple marketing campaign have already provided a new customer! We can’t believe it!”

Dinker Dass, Founder and Managing Director, Dtronix


“We held our monthly director’s meeting this morning, and we all agreed that the strategy building sessions, coupled with the Inadvertent Saboteur® profiling, is having a hugely positive influence on business performance and on the management team. We feel that working with this Glorious Day programme is one of the best investment decisions we have ever made.”

Peter Sage -Passant, Managing Director, Mechline

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Laurence delivered a speech at Richmond Events’ showcase event for HR Directors and Heads of L&D at the Four Seasons Hotel in Park Lane, London, in November, 2015.  Here ‘s some of the verbatim feedback:

“Enjoyed the use of humour.  Great concept””

“Best session yet – hands down.  EXTREMELY USEFUL.

“Great, impactful concept and very relevant to ‘real world’ current business scenarios”

“Brilliant – could have spent all day at this session!”

“Fantastic and easy to see how I can get immediate value from this both personally and professionally.”

“Great topic and practical – would work in a small enterprise business.”

“Great theory.  Interesting concept.  Loved the knowledge that Laurence has.”

“Highly engaging, really enjoyable!”

“Really enjoyed this session and the expression of the subject with great humour to make it real and stick.”

“Very illuminating!”

“Engaging style – enjoyable!”

“Laurence is a breath of fresh air, free of corporate speak”

“Thought provoking and engaging session.”

“Well balanced and full of good ideas.”

Laurence delivered a speech to a senior audience at the head offices of Roche Pharmaceuticals in Basel. Here’s some of  the verbatim feedback:

“I feel like I’ve been through endless personality typing and testing for the workplace while I’ve been in the corporate environment. Your approach here is different, and I can see how the approach and humour defuses the defensiveness that many of the others (and I’ve experienced a particularly offensive one!) engender.” 

“Nice impulse, energetic and many of the described situations sounded awfully familiar. A nice way to raise self-awareness even further a bit of oxygen for my brain so to speak.”

“Loved the concept. The methodology was explained in enough detail for me to be able to use it right now, at least in a preliminary way. I believe this could be useful for my team.”

“Very engaging speaker, topic very close and crucial to corporate organisations. ”

“Identifying the kind of Saboteur I am and how I could counter attack it.  Receiving detailed descriptions on all types of Saboteur will definitely help me in identifying them in other people, when such a situation arises.”

“It was a real ’a-ha!’ experience!”

“The best thing about the session was learning about how people react under stress and self-awareness of the impact it may have, and the British humour of the presenter!”

“It provided a simple and clear model for understanding basic psychological defence mechanisms and how they slow down change. I appreciated that the presentation was with so much humour!”

“I really liked how Laurence Coen approached the topic of resistance to change. The mix of seriousness and humour was perfect to encourage a different thinking and especially to encourage self reflection.”

“Congratulations on the fantastic session!  It would be great to have more events like this one, providing insightful tips regarding our daily work and opening our minds to be more creative, embracing change and delivering better results.”