It is always a great experience when you have worked with and helped someone and they take the time to thank you in their own way.  Thank you for the lovely words Rouji!



“The Inadvertent Saboteur” by Rouji Begum-Arnold

”We have all come across Saboteurs in our lives, right from an early age when your little brother decides to use your shoe as a doorstop (innovative on his part!) to colleagues at work who take your prints to save them time leaving you to fix the printer problems.  But, we all have Saboteurs within ourselves too.  These come from our inner strengths that backfire when we are most under pressure.  For example if it was down to me Rome would be built in a day, as my Saboteur is “Rod of Iron Rouji”.  In the meantime there will be no people to populate my city as most of them have run off scarred, leaving me unsuccessful in my objective.  Yes, I have created a city but not one that anyone wants to live in.

So, as a Business Leader how do I become effective in progressing our business to its full potential right here, right now, whilst keeping my “Inadvertent Saboteur” in check?

Well – you go to this guy:

Unlike other courses where you come away forgetting about what strategy you agreed on let alone applying any of it to your business, this presenter, Laurence Coen, actually teases you into action straight away, and all done in the most blunt and charismatic way that anyone can talk to us Business Leaders!”