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As it also goes with politicians, friends and customers, so it goes with staff: you set about it long enough, you get what you deserve.

And ‘what you deserve’ means what you actually deserve, not what you think you deserve as you survey the world through the arrow hole of the turret in your mind (as I used to, and, often, still do.)

In which case you might as well put up a sign outside your building that reads:




I have struggled to find the right staff for the many years in which I have been running my own business, and it was only a couple of years ago that I realised that my 80% failure rate in this area was down to ‘me’, not ‘them’.  Half of my bad hires should never have been hired in the first place – they were, in hindsight, patently bad fits with my own values and the culture of Glorious Day.  The other half could have worked, but I turned them against me by doing the following:

– Giving them derisory labels in my mind, e.g., ‘bad egg,’ ‘slacker,’ ‘idiot’, ‘me + them’

– Sharing these derisory labels with other staff

– Ranting periodically (rather than providing regular, small amounts of feedback)

– Making allowances for poor performance.


If you are doing any of these things, then, chances are, you too will wonder why you are surrounded by idiots; whilst your staff are all wondering why they are led by one.


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“When something went wrong, I used to sway between blaming myself or blaming others.  It was quite a binary thing.  After the Inadvertent Saboteur® programme however, I no longer think in terms of blame, but in terms of how a lack of self-awareness caused a well-intentioned person to sabotage a plan.”

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